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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you take my insurance?

A:  We accept all insurances and will bill them for you.  We are not contracted with any insurance company.  That allows you as the patient and Dr. Nick to decide what is the best treatment for you.  We treat each of our patients as family and do what they feel is best for them.

Q:  How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

A:  Our general recommendation for most people is every 6 months.  Some patients may need to have their teeth cleaned more often if they are at risk or have a history of periodontal disease.

Q:  I want to whiten my teeth, what procedure do you recommend?

A:  There are several different whitening options.  We prefer the Lasersmile.  It is instant gratification.  Most people will whiten 12 or more shades.  The whitening process is less than 30 minutes.  We also include the take home trays and material to maintain your beautiful white smile!

Q:  If my tooth cannot be filled again, what is the next step?

A:  Most people have had fillings, especially in the molar teeth that were done when they were younger.  Over time, the filling or tooth can crack or break down due to decay or general wear.  In some cases, we may be able to remove the old filling and decay and replace with a new filling of composite/resin material.  This bonds to the tooth very well.  Sometimes the tooth is not able to be filled again and that is when we recommend a crown or cap.  The crown procedure is two appointments; the first one is to prepare the tooth for the crown and make a temporary crown. We take an impression for our Phil, our local technician, who uses the highest quality materials and creates a beautiful, natural looking crown.  He is a master ceramist with over 30 years experience.  The very short second appointment is placing the final crown.

Q:  Do you do implants?

A:  We do the restoration of the implant.  We refer the placement of the implant itself to one of our surgical specialists.  Once the implant is healed and fully integrated, about 3-4 months, our lab fabricates the crown and we place the final restoration.

Q:  Do you repair or make partials or dentures:

A:  Yes!  We work with another great local laboratory in town that we have worked with since Dr. Nick started dentistry.  The lab does a fantastic job with creating natural looking teeth.  They can also do repairs in a timely manner, often returning them to you on the same day.

Q:  I’m afraid of needles.  Do you have options?

A:  Yes, Dr. Nick has the Waterlaser, which can remove small cavities with no anesthetic.  We also can do some gum surgeries with no, or very little anesthetic.  If we can see a patient from the beginning of their dental life, they may not need a dental shot for many, many years!

We may also prescribe a medication that will relax the patient for any extensive dental procedure.

Q:  If I have a toothache, how soon can you see me?

A:  Usually the same day.  We try to see you as soon as possible to give you relief from your dental pain!

Q:  Do you take payments?

A:  We can take payments prior to your visit, similar to a lay-a-way plan.  We also offer Care Credit, an outside credit company.  We also take all credit cards.

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